Year 2012
  • SECRICOM integrated presentation on Combined Endeavour 2012 – NATO planning conference in Bratislava,30th January - 3rd February 2012 - Michal Palat, Alexandr Guzun (Ardaco)


Year 2011

  • project presentation on Globecom, December 2011, Houston, USA - Latif Ladid (UL)

  • SECRICOM presentation on Nextel Security Day, Bilbao, Spain, 24th November 2011 - Mikel Uriarte (Nextel)

  • projet presentation European workshop on Safe-Infrastructures, November 2011, Mikel Uriarte (Nextel)

  • project presentation on PSC Forum conference, Poland, November 2011, ITTI

  • project presentation on series of IPv6 summits, Potsdam, Melbourne, San Jose, London, Malaysia, New Yourk, by Latif Ladid (UL)

  • project presentation on UK Local resilience forum, Righton, October 2011, BAPCO, Qinetiq

  • project presentation on 5EINSE INTECO, Leon, Spain, October 2011, Mikel Uriarte (Nextel) - PRESENTATION

  • project presentation on European Defence Conference, Warsaw, Poland, October 2011, BUMAR and ITTI

  • project achievements presented on BAPCO South East region workshop, Sussex, UK, June 2011, by BAPCO and Qinetiq

  • presentation Decision making games in crisis management on conference The security of contemporary world - challenges and threats, Poznan, Poland, April 2011 byITTI

  • presentation of SECRICOM on EUROPOLTECH 2011, Warsaw, Poland, April 2011, ITTI and Institute of Informatics Slovak Academy of Sciences

  • SECRICOM presentation on PROSIMOS workshop, April 2011, Madrid, Spain, Miroslav Konecny (Ardaco), Shaun ONeill (BAPCO)

  • SECRICOM presentation to German Certification group and Ministry of Economy, Germany, February 2011 INFINEON

  • SECRICOM presentation on BAPCO Scotland conference, February 2011, BAPCO team

  • Consequence workshop, London, UK, January 2011, BAPCO and Qinetiq

Year 2010

  • objectives and achievements of SECRICOM on NEXTEL security day, Bilbao, Spain, November 2010, Nextel team

  • workshop organized by CEA LETI - PASTIS II, Gardanne, France, CEA Leti

  • SECRICOM presentation on Civil Protection NATO Conference and Exercise, Sielnica, Slovakia 2010 - Rich Edwards (Qinetiq), Tomas Kucharik (Ardaco), Aurel Machalek (University Luxembourg) - PRESENTATION

  • SECRICOM and WP3 presentation on international scientific Conference: Crisis Situations Treatment in Specific Environment, 2nd June 2010 - Miroslav Konecny, Ardaco - PRESENTATION

  • SECRICOM presentation on BAPCO National conference in April 2010, London, UK - Project outline and in particular the approach to capturing user requirements by Rich Edwards and Al Aldabbagh (Qinetiq) PRESENTATION

Year 2009

  • Presentation to European Defence Agency by Dr Ahmed Aldabbagh, John Stoodley (Qinetiq) and Shaun O’Neill (BAPCO), 1/4/2009 Brussels PRESENTATION

  • BAPCO National conference in April 2009, London, UK - Project outline and in particular the approach to capturing user requirements by Rich Edwards and Al Aldabbagh (Qinetiq) PRESENTATION

  • SECRICOM presentation by Igor Kocis (Smartrends) to a relevant audience at Global Technology Symposium at Stanford University (, Stanford, USA March 2009 PRESENTATION

  • MSPO trades ( The exhibition took place on 31/08/2009 – 02/09/2009. Since visitors were mostly Polish the dissemination was led in native language. PRESENTATION (in Polish)

  • The First International ICST Conference on Security and Privacy in Mobile Information and Communication Systems (MobiSec 2009), 03rd - 05th June 2009 - TU Graz was introducing core concepts of WP5 to a scientific audience, thus providing the opportunity to receive valuable feedback. PRESENTATION

  • SECRICOM presentation by ITTI at 13th Conference from the series Critical Management and Rescue held on 15th September 2009 in Warsaw: “Optimization of alarm calls system – the new conception of the number 112 functioning”. PRESENTATION (in Polish)

  • SECRICOM presentation at NATO Conference NEW CHALLENGES – BETTER CAPABILITIES on 21st and 22nd October 2009 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Presentation given by Tomas Kucharik, CEO Ardaco, a.s. - PRESENTATION

  • First contact and presentation to local authorities in Spain PRESENTATION (in Spanish)

  • SECRICOM presentation in a Security Day meeting organized by NEXTEL on 11th March 2009 PRESENTATION (in Spanish/English)

  • SECRICOM presentations for Basque Country Local Authorities: Interior department and Emergencies Coordination Department PRESENTATION

  • BAPCO roadshow 2009 - Project outline and user requirements presentation for users, industry and stakeholders October - November 2009, UK, Newcastle, London, Coventry PRESENTATION

  • Presentation to PSC Europe Forum Conference 2009 - Ahmed Aldabbagh (QinetiQ) Shaun O’Neill (BAPCO) PRESENTATION

Year 2008

  • SECRICOM presentation given by ITTI Ltd. at “Safety, Security & Information Technology Seminar” during the 20th International Fair of Electronic Communication INTERTELECOM 2009 (17th March 2008, Lodz, Poland - PRESENTATION (in Polish)

  • SECRICOM presentation at PSC technical meeting 2nd December 2008, Valbonne, France - PRESENTATION

  • "Low Cost and High Performance Multi-hop Wireless Mesh Network Solution in Rural and Mountain Areas - Lessons Learnt, Future Challenges and Application to Disaster and Emergency Management", Oscar Lazaro, Innovalia Association - Workshop on Advanced Communication Technologies for Risk, Emergency and Disaster Management ( on 15th September 2008, Cannes, France PRESENTATION

  • BAPCO roadshow 2008 - Broad presentation to users, industry and stakeholders covering project intentions October/November2008 UK, Nottingham – Preston - Swindon Interior department and Emergencies Coordination Department PRESENTATION
Secricom Event April 2012 in Warsaw (Poland)


SECRICOM Final Demonstration

SECRICOM has conducted its final demonstration of results achieved by the project. More than 40 emergency response stakeholders from UK and abroad watched the SECRICOM capabilities in action.

Videos from SECRICOM on Civile Protection Event
Videos from SECRICOM project demonstrations now available in YouTube channel.

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