Other publications
Year 2011
  • EUROPOLTECH 2011: International Fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police and National Security Services. Fair Magazine Article
Year 2010
  • A consultation paper entitled ' ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE AS THE FOUNDATION FOR AGILE PUBLIC SAFETY & SECURITY' has been produced by a team of 8 authors from 7 organisations. SECRICOM has been represented by QinetiQ.

  • Les chercheurs rejoignent les secours sur terrain, L'Essentiel Luxembourg, 23rd November 2010, p. 6, ARTICLE

  • Geothermal Anywhere: SECRICOM predstavil výsledky dvojročného výskumu, Internet article (Secricom introduced its interim results); ARTICLE in Slovak

  • Participation of SECRICOM in BAPCO 2010 Conference & Exhibition, ARTICLE

  • Mikel Uriarte: Nextel S.A. avanza con la innovación, Deia ostirala, June/2010, p. 37, ARTICLE in Spanish

  • Miroslav Konecny: SECRICOM – univerzálna komunikácia pre krízové riadenie (SECRICOM - Universal communication for crisis management), Hospodárske noviny 27/07/2010, p. 24, ARTICLE in Slovak

  • Miroslav Konecny: First Aid - recover quicky, keep on talking, The Parliament Magazine Research Review 3/2010, p.44 ARTICLE

  • European Security Directory project profile. PROFILE

  • Leaflet SECRICOM: Recover quicky, keep on talking. For dissemination purposes in 2010. LEAFLET

Year 2009
  • Ahmed Aldabbagh: Catastrophic Incidents, BAPCO journal 3/2009 ARTICLE part 1 and ARTICLE part 2

  • publication in a Slovak magazine for government services: Nové riešenia krízovej komunikácie pre Európu (New solutions in crisis communication for Europe), EuroreportPlus, 10/2009 ARTICLE (in Slovak)

  • Shaun O'Neill: Seamless Communication for Crisis Management - update, BAPCO emagazine 10/2009 ARTICLE

  • local publications in Spanish by Nextel: Nueva Gestión ARTICLE, DEIA, Suplemento Formación y Empleo ARTICLE, Información Cámara de Comercio de Bilbao ARTICLE (in Spanish)

  • Shaun O'Neill: Seamless, Interoperable, BAPCO journal 11/2009, p. 13 ARTICLE

Year 2008
  • local publications in Spanish by Nextel: El Correo ARTICLE and El Diario Vasco ARTICLE (in Spanish)

  • John Stoodley, Ahmed Aldabbagh and David Traynor: Project SECRICOM - Seamless Communication for Crisis Management, BAPCO journal 11-12/2008 ARTICLE
Secricom Event April 2012 in Warsaw (Poland)


SECRICOM Final Demonstration

SECRICOM has conducted its final demonstration of results achieved by the project. More than 40 emergency response stakeholders from UK and abroad watched the SECRICOM capabilities in action.

Videos from SECRICOM on Civile Protection Event
Videos from SECRICOM project demonstrations now available in YouTube channel.

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